About me

My name is Enya Mahuta. I was born in Belarus, Minsk ( Europe ) in family where art was on the first place. I am painting my whole life. Before graduated from school of arts in 2007 i tried many techniques such sculpting, weaving, graffiti but I enjoy more painting. And later I am graduate Minsk College of Architecture and design in 2011. After College I started tattooing but this also was not my passion. In 2015 I moved to USA, 5 years of experience as a tattoo artist helped me to understand that I am more comfortable to work as a freelance artist. I am stopped tattooing in January 2020. Now I work in digital and traditional art style. My favorite themes for my work are realistic portraits, but also prefer other, such as nature, flowers, landscapes, architecture and more. 

© 2018 by Enya Mahuta.

Artist in Orlando, FL

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